Intelligen Insights is your strategic partner in helping you manage and monitor your assets. Through our IoT solutions and platform, you receive valuable data generated from your operations and connected assets.

We don’t just deliver a platform for you to monitor and manage your assets, our team has the knowledge and capability to help digitally enhance your operations.

Remote monitoring of your systems offers huge potential in savings. Driving down operation and maintenance costs helps you identify new revenue streams and gain a better understanding of how your equipment is performing.

Actionable insights to move your business forward


Global Access to Realtime information all year around 24 hours every day.

Cost Savings

  • Predictive and Preventative Maintenance
  • Targeted Technician Dispatching
  • Monitoring and Managing Multi-locations
  • Energy Consumption Tracking

Reduced Risk

  • Equipment and Energy Theft Detection
  • Real-time Equipment Fault Notification
  • 24/7 Asset Monitoring
  • Custom Alerts

Revenue Opportunities

  • Insight Into How and When Equipment is Used
  • Monitoring Equipment and Labour Performance
  • Increased Service Levels
  • Improved Workflow Using Data Trends

How it works

Opportunity Identification

We keep it simple. Intelligen Insights  works closely with your business to understand your challenges and goals, providing you with valuable data only where and when you need it most.

Installation and Platform Delivery

Our skilled technicians install the Intelligen Insight gateway to your equipment or system and ensure two-way communication between your asset and our secure platform for remote monitoring and management.

Platform Support and Professional Services

We don’t stop there. We provide your team with the ongoing support they need to take full advantage of the Intelligen Insight platform and tailor reporting and alerts to your business needs.

Get in touch with one of our solutions specialists for more information.

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Intelligen Insight is industry agnostic and offers a gateway and platform that is compatible with a multitude of equipment and systems.


  • Engine & Fleet
  • Energy and Real Estate
  • Industrial and Smart Cities
  • Data Centre and Telecom Infrastructure
  • Food Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Healthcare

Supported Protocols

  • SMTP
  • TCP/IP
  • CAN 2.0B
  • TCP Up/Down
  • RTU